Halfway To the Grave

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Catherine Crawfield, a half-vampire is out looking for the blood of her father and if left with no choice but to team up with Bones, a bounty hunter for vampires. This is one book of the series and involves romance and vampires, perfect for a para-romance.

Flirting with All the Grave.

. .Half-vampire Catherine Crawfield is moving hoping that these deadbeats is her dad - the only responsible for ruining the lifestyle of her mother. She is amazed she does not wind up as his dinner - are there vampires? Bones will have her sure that being half-dead does not need to be bad. However, before she can enjoy her status Bones and Cat are chased by a set of killers. Now Cat might need to pick a side... and it's turning out to be as tempting as every other guy having a heartbeat.

What makes this book stand out?

Just a different take on the same baseline.

Read it for

The storyline goes on with multiple twists and turns as the number of books just keeps going up.

Don't read it for

A deep meaning story. It’s just another paranormal romance.

Brief about Author Jeaniene Frost