Guardians Trilogy

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Annika the Mermaid is in her quest to find the Stars. King Sawyer comes to the island of Capri along with his Guardians, where the Star is hidden. Will he be able to find the Stars while he is mesmerized by the amazing beauty and charm of Annika?

To celebrate the growth of the new queen, three goddesses of the moon generated three stars, among fire, among icehockey, among water. But then they dropped from the skies, putting the fate of worlds at risk. And now three girls and three men combine forces to pick up the bits. Mermaid Annika is in the sea, and it's there she has to return after her search to obtain the stars. Now, through time and space, traveler Sawyer King has attracted the guardians into the island of Capri, in which the water superstar has been concealed. And as he sees Annika in her part, he finds himself attracted to her joyous soul. However, Sawyer understands that if he lets her to his heart, no compass might {} him back into solid earth... And in the shadow, their enemy broods. She dropped one celebrity to the guardians, however there's still time for blood to be spilled--that the mermaid's from the water along with the traveler's about the property. For she's forged a dangerous weapon. Something deadly and inconsistent. Something individual.

What makes this book stand out?

Strangely written for adults, it resembles very much to children’s books.

Read it for

Pure child-like fantasy. If you enjoy reading this genre of books, go ahead and enjoy it all you can.

Don't read it for

If you want some sliver of sense even in a fantasy, keep moving on. The book will likely not be read by adults.

Brief about Author Nora Roberts