Greatest Hits

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It is a story of ex-musician Cass Wheeler who is in her 60s now. She is living at a remote place after a tremendous personal loss. One day she forced herself to hear the songs she has written. The entire life of her gets reflected through these songs. She has narrated in flashback style with every chapter with a song. It reveals about her difficult birth, the healthy relationship between her and her mother, the time her mother left her. It has a phase of ‘Love’ as well. The story narrates about how she started her career in music and again about her come back after years.


A very well-written emotional story. The name justified the story of a collection of 16 Greatest hits from Cass Wheeler life.Barnett herself writes the songs. It is around 400 pages read; you should read it to enjoy the excellent storytelling of a musical journey. Even the companion album of the songs from this novel is there. Skip this if you hate too many characters in a story.

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