Gone Girl

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On the outside, they’re the symbols of a great marriage. A loving and caring husband and a strong wife. They have a good home in a quiet place, they have enough money to sustain themselves for a more than decent amount of time. And the husband is an idol for any bachelor in town. But suddenly, on the day of their anniversary, the wife disappears. And as the police investigation starts and the cops dive deep into the case of the mysterious disappearance , a long thread of elaborate evidences implicating Nick, the husband, surface. To add to the wounds, a diary written by Amy, the wife, is found which shockingly reveals all the mis-happenings behind the mask of a blissful marriage that was present. Slowly, Nick starts to show his other side- his true,bitter side¬† – to the townspeople who quickly change their impression on things going on around them. As the investigation furthers and scandalous pieces of evidences are found, Nick takes up a stand that he is being framed.¬† And one day, evidence is found that might prove that Nick killed his wife. This revelation sets the town into a frenzy and Amy’s doting parents attack at Nick furiously, while he, busy in his own investigation, maintains his stand. Is Nick really a murderer or is a larger game at play here? Read this amazing psychological thriller penned by Gillian Flynn to find out.

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