The Glass Town Game

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Emily and Charlotte must enter the fantasy world which they discovered to rescue their kids in the fiercely intelligent and adventurous novel. Inside a Yorkshire parsonage, Branwill, Anne Bronte, Emily, and Charlotte have discovered the game named Glass Town. It is a game where the toy fighters fight Napoleo as well as no one dies. The make-believe land aids the four people to escape from the harsh reality.  Emily and Charlotte are being actually sent away to the dangerous boarding school, an educational platform they might not come back from.  But on the Beastliest Day, the day Branwell and Anne walk the sisters to a train station, something happens incredibly. The train whisks individuals away to the real Glass Town, as well as the kid’s trade moors for the wonderland.

What makes this book stand out?

The real delights of this story come from the cleverness and wit woven into the different descriptions, conversations and sharp insights offered by the author.

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it is a creative and classic literature that grabs the attention of many readers who look for the best book to reads.

Don't read it for

If you like to read family-oriented stories, you can stay away from this action book.

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