Ghost Stories from the Raj

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If you ever wanted to get yoru hands on horror tales from the British times, this one should be your pick. Ghost Stories from the Raj is an anthology of short stories taken from British officers during the pre independence era. You will find that the book mentions details signaling towards the dominance of paranormal activity on daily lives of people. From drafting of legal documents to land disputes, everything revolved around ghosts and spirits. Moreover, you will find stories here that talk about people making shrines to guard themselves from man eating tigers and crop thefts.

What makes this book stand out?

The literary touch of Ruskin Bond makes the storytelling even more riveting.

Read it for

An interesting take on the reverence for the supernatural existence in Indian societies and a social commentary on the same.

Don't read it for

If you don’t want a mild social take on the love for the supernatural and are looking for something scarier, don’t read this.

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