Galactic Pot-Healer

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The Glimmung Needs Joe Fernwright. Fernwright is a pot-healer - a repairer of ceramics - at a drably pragmatic future in which such abilities have little value. Along with the Glimmung? The Glimmung is a being that appears something similar to a gyroscope, something such as a teenaged girl, and something such as the contents of a sea. What is more, it might be divine. And, like particular gods of old Earth, it's a terrible temper. What's an omnipresent and apparently omnipotent thing want using a humble pot-healer? Or with all the heaps of other strange creatures it's enticed to Plowman's Earth? And when the Glimmung is a god, then are its own endings positive or malign? Combining quixotic experience, spine-chilling terror, and deliriously paranoid theology, Galactic Pot-Healer is an distinctively Dickian voyage to alternative worlds of their imagination.

Brief about Author Philip K. Dick