From Hell to Heaven

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The Marquis of Alchester, is enraged when his horse loses in the Derby Race. That was all because of the foul behavior of the enemy, who has set his eyes on marrying the ward of the Marquis. With eyes on revenge, the Marquis visits an orphanage to find the perfect replacement for the ward, for he needs the ward for his lavish lifestyle and the enemy has never met the ward. Enter young and beautiful Kistina, plucked from a hell of a life. When she comes to the Marquis’ house, she is in heaven. She could not help falling in love with him, but the Marquis breaks her heart in the end.

What makes this book stand out?

The book is an impressive work by the master romance weaver, definitely one of the Barabara Cartland best sellers.

Read it for

The progression of the story is steady and enjoyable.

Don't read it for

The book may become disturbing, but that’s only for a while

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