Franny and Zooey

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The writing is composed of two parts. These were published in the New Yorker in the first place as two short stories. The story takes place in college when Franny visits her boyfriend, Lane. Disillusioned with selfishness and unreality felt around her, Franny determines to escape through spiritual means. Zooey’s story is set in after Franny had left out.

What makes this book stand out?

Its wearing and unbending, but not uninteresting. A short book that can be swallowed at whirlwind speeds.

Read it for

Salinger has produced one of the few naturalistic family bust-ups in modern. It wouldn't perk you up, but wouldn't leave you cold as well.

Don't read it for

The part two, the novella “Zooey”, took too much more time than the first, which makes it tiring.

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