Forever is a Lie

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Prisha Srivastav turned eighteen two months back and hailing from Faridabad. She studies Mass communication in Bangalore. Afterwards, she met a mysterious man double her age that is a monster in the city. She falls in love with him and there is a problem in life who loves him. It made twist and includes dark romance and thrill that makes her life happily or not.

What makes this book stand out?

The top 10 books of 2017 has unique story plot and usually loved it. When reading some scenes, Goosebumps will raise and ending with suspense.

Read it for

The story will express a crime and thrilling scene that easily ended with a note of suspense and twist. The narration was amazingly written and reaches out the hearts deeply.

Don't read it for

Little bit lagging in between the story but excellently narrated. The story is not easily understood by youngster.

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