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The first non-fiction work by Ayn Rand, for the modern intellectual, is a book which majorly contains excerpts from her other famous novellas, most of them being monologues or speech of protagonists, this book is a foundation to her later non-fiction writings on objectivism and deliberately presents her idea of life and understanding of the present-day world in a sophisticated manner.

What makes this book stand out?

For the new intellectual contains all the prime excerpts from the Best Ayn Rand Books with her essays supporting them to project the original idea makes it enlist in Top ten books by Ayn Rand.

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The book combines her motive of her various books and presents her Ideas in a more cynical and natural way. The book raises issues which play an important role in our lives and play an essential part of the society.

Don't read it for

If one does not have a taste for content which raises a lot of eyebrows, this book is not the one. This book presents keynotes of the society which need our concern.

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