Fools Die On Friday

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This is the eleventh installment of the Cool and Lam detective series. They are approached by a young woman, who claims to be Beatrice Ballwin and offers a lump sum of dollars to make them prevent her aunt from poisoning her uncle.

What makes this book stand out?

Gardner writing as AA Fair seems to know what his audience wants and is coming up with that time after time. If you were away from the genre for a bit, this is quite a refresher.

Read it for

This book is a great mystery with good character background and plot setting. Cool and Lam are great detectives, and AA Fair has an extensive knowledge and immense creativity.

Don't read it for

If you have read a lot of mysteries and thrillers, and are familiar with Gardner’s works, this might not promise anything entirely new other than the plot. But, considering this as a mystery, the book is a great work.

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