Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said

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Jason Tavener awakened one morning to find himself entirely unknown. The evening before he'd been the top-rated tv celebrity with millions of dedicated watchers. The following day he was only an unidentified walking thing, whose face no one understood, of whom nobody had discovered, and with no I.D. newspapers needed in that close future. When he eventually found a guy who'd consent to counterfeiting such cards, that guy turned out to become a police informer. And Taverner found not just what it had been like to be a no one but also to be searched by the entire apparatus. It was evident that somehow Taverner was the pea in in some kind of cosmic shell sport - but how? And why? Philip K. Dick takes the reader on a walking trip of solipsism's wildest perimeter in his newest book about the age we're already half to.

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