Five little pigs

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This book stands out as an example of Christie’s masterful storytelling technique; the story takes place when Caroline’s daughter asks Poirot to help prove her mother’s innocence of the murder she is supposed to have committed nearly 16 years before.  What follows next is Poirot at his very best as he sifts through the various clues before making the required deductions that helps him to identify the killer. A must read book for all Poirot fans out there; moreover this book is ranked as one of Agatha Christie Best sellers

What makes this book stand out?

Agatha Christie’s character development and the fast paced plot

Read it for

a perfect whodunit as Poirot is tasked with solving a murder that is supposed to have taken 16 years before

Don't read it for

if you are not into murder mysteries then you may want to give this a miss

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