The Final Empire - Mistborn I

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4.45/5 (267049 ratings)


Have you always been on the fringes of the High Fantasy genre, always a step inside yet a step away from being immersed in it? Are you’re one of those who’ve watched the Lord of the Rings but felt it would be too long or got too scared by all those who said it’d be slow? Here’s a book that starts at a manageable pace, but turns into a maglev train on steroids pretty fast and just doesn’t let up till the end.

Introducing a cast of memorable characters and an intriguing new idea for a Magic system, this book is thriller fantasy at its finest. The first of a trilogy, this book is a complete package all in itself, but we’re sure you’ll go and check out the next two books in the trilogy just because you’ll be hooked and left wanting more.(Now being enlarged by the author with another trilogy set in the future of the same world)

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