Excel 2016 for Dummies

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the ‘For Dummies’ series has a guide to everything you need in life. In this case, Excel. They update their books each time Microsoft releases and updated version of Excel or any other Office program for that matter. Here’s a guide for the latest 2016 update version of Microsoft Excel with features that include cloud computing using Excel and using Pivot table analyses.

What makes this book stand out?

Living up to the expectations of the ‘For Dummies’ title. Seriously though, this kind of book is necessary, and it helps a lot of budding graduates, accountants, and managers.

Read it for

The new features on MS Excel and the steps to know how to use each feature of the program.

Don't read it for

If you find this is little difficult, then I suggest you read the first version of the Excel guidebooks. They will give you a better head start.

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