Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City

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An exceptionally written book and will make you change your outlook on the poverty in America.  Read about the eight families who are surviving on edge in the most impoverished localities of Milwaukee. Their fates lie in the hands of Sherrena Tarver and Tobin Charney who are the two landlords. They hate some of the people living there and like some. Eventually, she catches hold of Arleen, a single mother, and evicts her and her sons just days before Christmas.  And then what happens makes us think about the hardships people might have undergone. Sadly the people are hopeful even if going through so many losses reminds us that home is essential for survival.

What makes this book stand out?

Amidst so much of hassle, characters in the book still hold on to hope and faith, and this makes the book one of the best book club choices

Read it for

One of the best books if you want to know about the poverty Americans once endured.

Don't read it for

It is very heartbreaking book

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