Everything I never told you

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the book is the second one from the author and the last one was a runaway success and this one is turning out to be one as well. The book exploits the insular nature of American society and their reactions to a single mom and her daughter moving in. It is fast paced and developed beautifully

Lydia is lifeless. However, they don't understand this. So starts this book about a Chinese family living in 1970s Ohio. Lydia is James and Marilyn Lee's child, along with her parents are determined that she'll fulfill the fantasies. However, if Lydia's body is located in the lake, the most balancing act that's been maintaining the Lee household is ruined, tumbling them. A deeply moving story of household, secrets, and longing, Everything I Never Heard You're both a gripping page-turner along with also a sensitive family portrait, discovering the ways that mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, and wives and husbands fight, {} lives, to know one another.

What makes this book stand out?

The interesting interplay between various characters, the tone of the book which is why it is one of the popular books for women’s book’s club

Read it for

A take on urban America,

Don't read it for

If you are not into mysteries, then you may want to give this novel a miss

Brief about Author Celeste Ng