Eleven Minutes

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The story of the book tells about a young girl named Maria from a village in Brazil. Once disowned by love, sets out on a journey to explore sexual desires as a prostitute, but the life takes a turn between real love found as painter Ralf, and keeping sexual pleasure alive makes her stand on the path of self-discovery and knowing the sacred meaning of sex found in love.

What makes this book stand out?

The unexceptional journey of a young girl to a professionally made women who play a role well and self discovers the power of true love.

Read it for

The book describes sensual women, who were heart broken, goes into a world where sexual pleasure and deep desires is a winner. Being a woman who loves to portray herself in a way she does in her diary. Lastly to know about love as sacred prostituition.

Don't read it for

The story doesn’t relate to actual life happenings. Just a distinguish between love and prostitute sex for accomplishing of one’s desire.

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