The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter

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it is the story about the female who is saved by her grandmother from being murder during birth and it also about Shilpa’s life with unexpected twists and turns throughout her early life. Even she also meet abandonment by her mother Shilpa is torn between the contrasting lives and injustice experienced by her family then she will get opportunity and empowerment offered by a good education in a school.

What makes this book stand out?

It is the good book recommendations, once you started to read and it is really impossible to put down. Of course, it is an optimistic tale of a young woman along with a deep belief in her own capability to empower herself.

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people read this compelling story of triumph and hope in the face of oppressive odds, this book people to get confidence also allows them to understand intimate glimpse into the lives of an India’s poorest.

Don't read it for

usually, this book is very terrific and not recommended for all age groups of people.

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