Edge Of Darkness

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We are introduced to the world of Carpathians by Christian Feehan. Maggie and Lori join him to produce an original anthology consisting of three gripping stories.

Just take an trip in the world of the Carpathians New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan--combined here by Lori Herter and Maggie Shayne, two pros of love in a first anthology that chooses dream that is dark to rapturous peaks. Legislation by Christine Feehan Blaze knows who murdered her father and she has strategies for revenge. Until a telephone call from a stranger that is enchanting pleads with her to wait. Retribution is in his blood. Now, Blaze or she he will be combined at the blood of the guilty. Vengeance is theirs. Bloodsuckers could be a recognized minority however among these is currently getting away with murder. Until a vamp teams using a deadly detective to finish the killing spree. The night so does each danger and delight lurking in the shadows and belongs to them. While excavating an Anasazi ruin, archeologist Annie Carmichael finds the area of a vampire that discovers the mate he's longed for. But is Annie anticipated --or willing--to concede?

What makes this book stand out?

Characters are developed quickly, and their motives are well defined early on.

Read it for

Ideal for those interested in reading stories shorter than novels but longer than short stories.

Don't read it for

The pace of the book may come across as too rapid.

Brief about Author Christine Feehan