Dreams Implant

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David Bowman running successful company and he is a top entrepreneur. He loves his wife so much and they have daughter April. He is very protective when it comes to his family. Moreover, he is haunted by nightmare and he meets with an accident. His wife is killed and deaths in a similar incident. Later he tries to find the link between accident and nightmare. He is helped by Martha, a private detective and he finds the truth behind it.

What makes this book stand out?

It has illustrated by simple language and story has nightmare along with abnormal form of memory. It is very interesting thriller to read and define the flashbacks brilliantly.

Read it for

The story has crime and science is deadly combination so the book has unique story and appreciate by all. It is good to read and intense with story narration.

Don't read it for

The story is not fast paced and at time it is little bit boring

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