Double or Quits

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While cleaning up a doctor’s safe, looking for stolen jewels, Cool and Lam come across a suspicious death, bluffs, a custody battle and blackmail, and double indemnity.

What makes this book stand out?

Gardner comes up with a classic mystery for the sixth installment of the Cool and Lam series. After all the complex cases he whips out, this seems mundane, but we feel like this was a break we deserved.

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This is a classic murder-mystery-suspense thriller with a murder and other crimes. Cool and Lam have to overcome obstacles and false witnesses to get hold of the criminal who has wreaked all this havoc.

Don't read it for

If you have followed Gardner or any of his pseudonyms for long, and are comfortable with his writing, you might want to avoid this. This, although is a classic mystery, is pretty straightforward, and might be disappointing.

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