The Demon-Haunted World- Science as a Candle in the Dark

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The demon haunted world is a book written by an astrophysicist, Karl Sagan. This book lies at the top of the charts on the list of books about skepticism. The author has tried to explain scientific method to lay people. He helps to instill a skeptical thinking process in the minds of his readers in order to differentiate between ideas that are valid and scientifically from pseudoscience.

What makes this book stand out?

Because of his enthusiasm for science, Sagan has communicated scientific validity with clarity. The book is a classic defense of scientific inquiry and critical thinking.

Read it for

The book is a good read for all those who question the working of things around them. It will help the reader to understand the science behind everything.

Don't read it for

It questions religious beliefs and considers them as fallacies. This book may make you question your beliefs and customs.

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