David Copperfield

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David Copperfield is a story of a young man’s adventure from a young impoverished and an unhappy childhood to the discovery of himself as successful novelist. The novel David  Copperfield remained closest to Charles Dickens’s heart and also had is initials if reversed. David Copperfield is also considered to be Charles Dickens’s Best Book.

What makes this book stand out?

The story is an autobiography Charles Dickens’s life when he was a child and had to work when he was a child. This is a truly exceptional tale, and a must read for Dickens’s fans.

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There is a part in the story where David the main lead has to work as a child which also runs parallel to Dickens’s own experience when he used to work as a child. The story is a combination of Villainous characters, eccentric characters as well as some normal ones.

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The complexity of the story, at some point the story gets sad which may make some readers lose interest in the rest of the story. The story though also considered as Charles Dickens’s autobiography deals with family drama as David’s mother gets married to a violent man and David is faced with a new evil sister.

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