Cold Harbor

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After the period of some brutal isolation in the CIA black-site prison, the former Marine as well as gifted hacker Gibson Vaughn is free. But without any idea where he was or actually how many days he is lost.  He is struggling to keep the grip of his life on reality. He also races to come back to the life that he left behind. Disoriented and angry, his thoughts become vengeance as well as a person accountable for the rendition. But the drive of Gibson for retribution as well as the ghosts of violent past days plunge him again into the globe he wants simply to escape. As once-trusted allies and old enemies resurface, the architects of the murderous conspiracy will also beat the sinister way to the doorstep of Gibson.  In finding the shocking fact regarding those he considered he knew well, only one aspect is certain which is that accountability must be created to answer.

What makes this book stand out?

It is an excellent action book that will keep readers entertained.

Read it for

The excellent storyline keeps readers wondering as well as looking forward to the story of every character.

Don't read it for

This book is not ideal for readers who want to read family-oriented stories.

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