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Chikankari is an Indian tradition that features embroidery. It is a symbol of the Lucknawi culture, and it is exemplary. The beauty and elegance of this art s exemplary and in as much as the trends keep changing; it still maintains its beauty. This book features a lot of illustrations that help the reader learn more about embroidery. It is highly detailed and gets to the roots and drive of embroidery as an art. The different chapters have detailed information teaching on the origin of the art, various costumes, the stitches used, the production process and more.

What makes this book stand out?

this book stands out because it offers rich knowledge and the illustrations used are highly detailed making learning easy.

Read it for

read this book because it gives insightful information about embroidery and it will sharpen your skills.

Don't read it for

if you have no interest in learning embroidery, then this book is of no help to you.

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