The Case of the Howling Dog

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The book is about a feud between the Foleys and Cartwrights, two neighbors. They fight each day incessantly, about Foley’s dog who barks right into each night. When Mason steps up to investigate, Foley is with a missing wife, a poisoned dog, and a corpse.

What makes this book stand out?

Gardner comes up with a juicy case, but not something involving a murder or a mystery. This is an unofficial and informal complaint which leads to a set of threatening cases. This offbeat case prods many readers to reward this with the honor of the best Eric Stanley Gardner book.

Read it for

The book encompasses courtroom drama finally, after avoiding the desired destination for the past three books. The scenes are tasteful, and never repetitive.

Don't read it for

The book is a decent mystery but lacks character development. All the roles look predictable, and the motives decrypted.

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