Can Love Happen Twice

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it is a clear sequel to Ravinder’s first book ‘I too had a Love’. Ravin suffers a tragic life incident which makes a mark.  The story revolves around the complex theory of falling in love twice. The contest between commitment and non-commitment looms in the book. Ravin has been asked to share the love story through a live radio show. Ravin does not turn up, and the listeners remain curious.

What makes this book stand out?

The simplicity and the narrative of the story easily attract the reader. The approach easily makes the book among the top books.

Read it for

A love story is written so well that readers can often relate to the feelings. The absence of a character from radio show makes the readers curious.

Don't read it for

People who are not a fan of love stories will not find it interesting. Besides, often fiction readers look for a larger than life experience.

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