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This book is the final installment in this fantasy series and certainly stands out for all the right reasons. This book is explosive to the last and certainly stands out as a page turner with each page building up the tension to a final showdown. The story shows just how the human spirit can stand up to unbeatable odds and still overcome the impossible. The story has been wonderfully crafted from start to finish and showcases the author’s exemplary skill and talent. With relentless suspense and an explosive finish Sanderson shows why he is one of the best. A must read book and moreover, it stands out as one of the best books, when it comes to trilogies

After Calamity lit up the skies, the Epics were first born. David's fate was tied to their own villainy ever since that historic night. Steelheart murdered his dad. And today Regalia has turned into his closest ally to a treacherous enemy. David understood Prof's secret, and kept it {} the Reckoners' leader fought to restrain the ramifications of their Epic powers. But confronting Obliteration in Babilar was too much. Prof has embraced his Epic fate. He has vanished into these massive shadows of menace Epics are notorious for the entire world over, and everybody knows there is no turning back... But everybody isn't right. Redemption is potential for Epics--Megan revealed it. They are not missing. Not entirely. And David is only about crazy enough to confront the most effective High Epic of to receive back his friend. Or die trying.

Brief about Author Brandon Sanderson