Cakes and Ale

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Alroy Kear, a Social climber, is blandished when he is chosen by Edward Driffield’s wife to write the official biography of her celebrated novelist husband, and decided to write a bestseller. But then Kear keys out the great novelist’s sybaritic muse (and unlikely first wife), Rosie, the woman who had given Driffield enough material to last a lifetime, but now casts a mortifying shadow over his career and respect.

What makes this book stand out?

Cakes and Ale is a satire of London literary society between the Wars.

Read it for

Wise, witty, deeply satisfying, Cakes and Ale is Maugham at his best and probably a W. Somerset Maugham best book.

Don't read it for

There didn't seem to be a lot of focus in this novel. Also, the cover description was entirely misleading.

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