Butterflies on the Roof of the World

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The author of this book paints a tremendous and beautiful landscape environment up high the mountains that happen to be the perfect places for many butterflies’ species. Peter Smetacek takes us on a journey into the forests, streams, meadows, and ravines in the Himalayas.

What makes this book stand out?

It is a rare expose of uniqueness and passion to a family that is determined to explore one of the most insignificant creatures around.

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This autobiography is very informative, entertaining and captivating. It kindles in the reader an urge to want to explore these butterflies in their natural havens. He shares the ways at which the butterflies’ surmount challenges in nature by their wing shapes, colors and patterns.

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Peter compares the behavior of a human when tipsy to a drunken moth. This is quite on the lower level of such an incredible piece.

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