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the graphic novel is of inhabitants of a three-story Chicago apartment building: a 30- something woman who is yet to find her partner, a couple who can barely acknowledge each others company, an elderly woman who is the landlady of the building and has lived alone for decades. The book has no deliberate beginning or end.

What makes this book stand out?

Comic artist Chris Ware has taken the medium to new heights and fresh audiences because of the graphic novel. The box comes with 14 different books, pamphlets, posters etc which when pieced together gives a multi-dimensional story.

Read it for

It is a graphic novel i.e. a physical object printed on a wood pulp, containing 14 different booklets. The author has built a whole microcosm in the box.

Don't read it for

The material in the box needs to be placed together and cannot be simply read like a simple book.

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