A Brief History of Seven Killings

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This book was Man Booker’s winner for 2015 and with good reason – it is wonderfully scripted right from page one to the last page and closely follows the attempted assassination of Bob Marley. The book is full of sex, drugs and violence and yet despite the stereotype gore that’s more reminiscent of all thrillers these days, the book and the story it weaves brilliantly, stands out despite the same. This book is a definite must read for one and all and has been brilliantly researched with vivid descriptions adding to the magic, which makes this apparent why this book took the top prize

What makes this book stand out?

epic, far reaching and complex, making it hog the top spot when it comes to book recommendations

Read it for

sharp witty dialogues, well-detailed,

Don't read it for

if you are not into this type of fiction, you may want to give it a miss

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