When Breath becomes air

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A deeply moving, beautifully witnessed biography by a young neurosurgeon who is going through final cancer analysis and tries to answer an inevitable question about what exactly makes life worth living? Paul Kalanithi was about to complete ten years as a neurosurgeon when he knew he has lung cancer of stage IV. He was merely 36 years of age. It was a complete change as one day he was treating the patients and the other day he was himself struggling with life.

What makes this book stand out?

The experiences of a doctor when he becomes a patient and the feelings that he undergoes.

Read it for

it is a must read as it is about being alive and just a tad about dying. It is about a person who had been a doctor as well as a patient.

Don't read it for

An autobiographical book who trained and studies to become a doctor and then eventually became a writer. He sets in to write a book that he always wished to write even after knowing he has cancer. A bit too pretentious, classical, and many quotes of poetry.

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