Breaking India

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a well-written book which made to top 10 books of 2011 in India.  The writers work with the argument that integrity of India is undermined through Western institution for Dravidian movement and Dalit identity. According to the introduction of the book, it reflects on historical backdrop of Dravidian and Dalit Identity. The book is an attempt to analyse the individuals and also the institutions which are involved. There is also a comprehensive reflection on institutional motivation, activities and endgame which was desired.

What makes this book stand out?

According to MP Ram Jethmalani, the book is an eye-opener which sends a prior warning. The warning is provided against the internal threats and also the external ones who collaborate with dummies or proxies inside Indian border.

Read it for

The writers demonstrated collection and utilisation of enormous amount of data. Intellectual integrity is displayed while the interpretation of people who are criticised.

Don't read it for

According to experts, the book lacks the expertise of historical data handling and also a professional viewpoint.

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