Boy Erased: A Memoir

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A book about a young homosexual man, who is also the son of a pastor; this book is very important today. The author talks about the choice he had to make when he was nineteen; to either “stop” being gay or to lose his family, friends, and life as he knew it, forever. He, therefore, goes in for the gay conversion therapy. This book was among the top 10 books on homosexuality in 2016.

What makes this book stand out?

the bravery and kindness with which author deals with homophobia and the way in which he humanizes the very people who taunt him for his sexual preferences. The book teaches us how to love, both ourselves and others.

Read it for

The author’s search for his true identity and his navigation of his complicated relationships with his family and friends.

Don't read it for

the heartbreaking account of Conley going through the painful and traumatic conversion therapy by his church.

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