Black Dogs

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This is a graphic novella, which features the story of American Gods. The story goes around the story of the man called Shadow, but before his time his done his wife and best friend die in an accident. Was it a simple accident or a work of an entity?

A special illustrated version of Dark Dog by bestselling storytelling legend, Neil Gaiman. This American Gods world novella will delight Games of Thrones devotees and Terry Pratchett lovers alike. Inspired by renowned artist Daniel Egnéus. At a rural northern village, the legend tells of a black dog which looks from the darkness until you die. Shadow Moon was on the street some time now but he can not walk any additional tonight, maybe not with all the rain lashing down. Gratefully, he heads home with a great British couple, who provide a box space, sexy whisky and local stories. However, if the guy collapses en route, Shadow realises something about this area was left untold. Something early, something inside the walls of this village. Something shadowing all.

What makes this book stand out?

The book is simply great

Read it for

The graphic novel runs on the same plot as the book.

Don't read it for

This book is sketched and illustrated fantastically but those who do not enjoy comics will not enjoy this.

Brief about Author Neil Gaiman