Big little lies

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this book is a story about three women named Madeline, Celeste, and Jane. Madeline lived with her daughter and separated from her husband. Her husband now lives with his new wife. Madeline’s daughter and daughter of her ex-husband and his wife studied in the same kindergarten where her daughter studied. The story takes a significant turn when Madeline comes to know that her teenage daughter likes her ex-husband.

Celeste is a beautiful woman who makes the world stop and stares. She lives with her husband and her twin boys. When boys started for school, they thought to become the king and queen of school parent body.

Jane is young, and the other mother mistakes her for a nanny. Jane is sad about her age and harbor secret doubts about her son.

this book is about all the little lies we tell ourselves. This fantastic book is all about ex-husbands, second wives, mothers and daughters, schoolyard scandal.

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