Being the Other: The Muslim in India

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This great compilation is written in the perspective of Muslims of Awadh. It gives a real and deep insight of the Awadh cultural values pointing the inclusiveness. It also gives great highlights of the circumstances in the post-independence of India which have influenced Muslims in India.

What makes this book stand out?

It exposes the reach value of the cultures in India. Being non-fictional, it appreciates the gains made through time. It is an exceptional book that is provoking and troubling too, helping the reader to understand what has shaped the contemporary Indian Society.

Read it for

It is non-fictional. It teaches the history of India well and how it evolved. It brings to light the role of various political formations in a particular country or state.

Don't read it for

If you read this book and play the victim, the entire globe gangs up against you! This book is one of those filled with hate though.

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