Behind the Beautiful Forevers: Life, Death, and Hope in a Mumbai Undercity

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Story revolves around Asha, ambitious woman who sets her sights as a slumlord, Annawadi in the large slum near to the Sahar International Airport in Mumbai. Set in the fictional location settlement nearby the luxury hotels, Asha is a woman who formidable with and deep scars from the childhood rural poverty. She identified the alternate route of the political corruption.

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This is a top books brilliantly written, based on years of uncompromising reporting during the bewildering age of inequality and global changes that made human.

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Reading the “Behind the Beautiful Forevers” would be very interesting from the Pulitzer Prize-winner, Katherine Boo. The story is the landmark work of the narrative nonfiction showing heartbreaking and dramatic story of families who strives to achieve better life in twenty-first century.

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Storyline is good but keeps moving out of focus and the way of which the story progress is not a great way.

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