The Association Of Small Bombs

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At the point when siblings Tushar and Nakul Khurana, two Delhi schoolboys get their family’s TV at a repair shop with their companion Mansoor Ahmed one day in 1996, fiasco strikes all of a sudden. Karan Mahajan writes splendidly about the impacts of fear based oppression on casualties and culprits, ended up being a standout amongst the most provocative and dynamic writers of his age

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This book isn't the main novel about the repercussions of a psychological oppressor assault, yet it is the finest you will read at catching the enchantment and power of the lethal, obliterating illogic that undeniably expends the globe.

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It is a perfectly written top 10 satire books and extremely goal-oriented. It conveys us profound into the human side of a catastrophe.

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Very hard to understand for slow learners.

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