As I Lay Dying

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The novel tells the story of the Bundren family in their quest to bury their recently deceased ( mother, Addie. The story follows the Bundren family after the death of their dam, Addie. Fifteen perspectives tell the story of the family’s journey to Jefferson, where Addie is to be buried.

What makes this book stand out?

As I Lay Dying is written in a series, in which the all characters’ thoughts are presented in all their uncensored chaos, without the organizing presence of an objective narrator.

Read it for

A unique writing style combined with a sad and haunting story. The characterization is, for the most part, fantastic. The story is told from various points of view, usually in two- or three-page chapters.

Don't read it for

These are simple country folk. And much of their monologues are rendered with the usual Huckleberry Finn-like misspellings and dialect and the random absence of an apostrophe.

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