The Art of Slow Reading

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Grade : 4th to 12th

In this fast paced world, where speed is of paramount importance, where speed is looked upon as a god-given trait and where no-one has enough time to give in to details in any of their ventures, Thomas Newkirk brings to light a forgotten secret, one that is found to be common in almost all of the world’s most successful people – the ability to go slow. This doesn’t necessarily mean that fast is bad. It is equally important to maintain a balance of speed and details, but one should always be able to focus on what he/she is reading and understand it thoroughly. Nowadays, with the practices of skimming and quick reading on the rise, it is of utmost necessity that one knows and assimilates properly what is being read and that at any point of time should be able to recollect with ease. This book provides a graceful insight into this art as well a solid start for dedicated learners who wish to equip themselves with this powerful tool.

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