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The daughter of Jocasta and Oedipus, Antigone is the unconventional heroine who actually pits her beliefs completely against the Thebes King in the bloody test of wills which leaves some unharmed. The Emotions fly as she also challenges the  King for a right to bury her brother. Determined but fully doomed, the heroine shoes her entire strength throughout this play. Antigone raises law problems and moral problems which are simply a relevant now because they are more than 2 thousand years ago. If it is your starting reading,  it will move you easily a few pieces of the literature.

What makes this book stand out?

There are lots of unique terms included in this book that lets readers enjoy the entire wisdom, intent, and beauty of this play.

Read it for

The curse situated on haunts and Oedipus lingers a new generation in the brilliant and new translation of classic drama of Sophocles.

Don't read it for

It is not for everyone.

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