Angels and Demons

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Another story with the popular and intelligent professor Langdon. This time the story takes place in the heart of Switzerland, where a famous scientist of the CERN is killed and branded with a symbol that only Langdon can decode. Upon arriving Langdon finds a huge mess, the Vatican is set on electing a new pope while sitting on a ticking nucleon-bomb. The quirky and knowledgeable Harvard professor must decode the symbol and other ancient, prehistoric symbols to save everyone. With the daughter of the deceased scientist, Langdon embarks upon his journey of decoding the code. However, later, he finds that the symbol on the dead scientist’s chest was that of the Illuminati, a group which was said to have disappeared about four hundred years ago. Now, Langdon must save the world from the bomb, which is sitting under Rome.

What makes this book stand out?

The book is written closely to all kinds of symbols and codes and does not fail to impress the reader with fewer incidents. The book is a succession of events for the professor, which keeps the readers on their toes for something new.

Read it for

This book is breathtaking. The book is filled with many instances and incidents which make the book a gripping mystery. With Angels and Demons, we are introduced to yet another problem, which can only solve by Professor Langdon.

Don't read it for

The book, as many of his works, dwells in ancient symbols and codes. Plus, the writing style of Dan Brown is too elaborative, which takes the fun out of the imagination of the story.

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