All the Birds in the Sky

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“All the Birds in the Sky” follows pair of childhood friends Patrica and Laurence did not expect to see each other again as adults. Patricia study magic, and Laurence turned into mad scientist after growing up. As adults they both find own roles to play and one will save the planet and other will bring doom to it. With invention of two-second time machine and development of magical powers hardly fail to alarm the family and peers. Planet is falling apart so that the two must take part in the role. Laurence is the engineering genius who aims to avert the catastrophic breakdown and technological intervention with changes in the global climate.

What makes this book stand out?

Charlie Jane Anders deftly explored murky boundaries of science fiction and fantasy. World has evolved and you can surely learn more information about science fiction.

Read it for

The novel affords creative freedom and goes beyond the boundaries with making an enjoyable option to read fantastically.

Don't read it for

When you do not like to read the science fiction imaginative novel, then there is no point in reading the novel.

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