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4.33/5 (9 ratings)


this comic book features the evil that surrounds humanity and how deep it runs in the society. The influences and powers of evil are witnessed, but a hero and protector of the people stood up to fight the evil that is growing and eating away at the society. In his fight against evil, he burns the greatest monster the people have ever seen and saves humanity.

What makes this book stand out?

this comic book stands out from our top 10 comic books of 2017 because of the excellent setting of the story, the morals of the story, and the values it instills.

Read it for

this book teaches about bravery, fearlessness, and selflessness. For one to stand against such great evil, all these are needed.

Don't read it for

this book shows you how evil can run deep in the society and not many people willing to stand up for the people. This can be disheartening.

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