A World of Talent and Other Stories

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At a 1977 speech, Phillip K. Dick stated"Once in a fantastic while, [a novelist] occurs by chance on a thoroughly magnificent idea new to him he hopes will prove to be new to everybody else." Within this set of five tales, first published in the 1950s, Dick investigates several genuinely interesting thoughts. In"Small Town" a guy produces a perfect scale model of his , as a method of escaping his excruciating reality. In"Person Is" the spouse of a scientist finds out her husband has returned from a scientific expedition that a transformed man, but she is not complaining. In"Foster, You're Dead" a dad's unwillingness to take part in his nation's preparations for a war which never occurs, leads to unexpected consequences for his loved ones. In"The Hanging Stranger" a person is not able to convince his fellow townspeople that something horribly wrong is happening to all.

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