A Sign of Four

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The mystery winds up around the treasure of Agra, a little bit of greed and a lot of treachery. The person responsible for the murders in the book is a man seeking revenge and claim of the treasure that he once stole in India along with three locals, but was backstabbed by some others with whom he thought he had a deal.

What makes this book stand out?

Portraying India in a very prominent way, as well as an Indian – a dwarf from the Andaman Islands, who plays a significant role for the antagonist.

Read it for

This is the book that introduces Mary Morstan – the future Mrs. Watson, and we get to see a smitten John Watson for the first time.

Don't read it for

It is one of the four novels – hence much longer than the usual stories with way more details and information. Skip it if you like them short and snappy.

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